Contact Center

Charting Valuable Customer Journeys Round the Clock

The KarmaHub Contact Center roadmaps the vision of your Customer Experiences and the value creation for your customers as the most critical requirement. With our infrastructure & resources readily available to create a customized, scalable and resilient service the KarmaHub Contact Center relies on trending digital technologies to offer you a systematic approach to generating long lasting seamless & data driven omnichannel experiences to your customerss

Omnichannel Engagement

Managing customer touch points & fulfilling engagements are of the most critical importance for your enterprise. We streamline these business processes and the required infrastructure for you to deliver engaging customer experiences across diverse touchpoints such as Voice, Social Media, Websites Business Review sites, Live Chats, Chatbots and also asynchronous channels such as Text messages & WhatsApp.

Call Center

Outsourced customer interactions over calls routed to our call centers strategically located to cater to all time zones reduces your efforts in this high volume task. Specialized technology solutions monitor the efficiency, quality and other critical KPIs of the call center agents and help you supervise & complete the feedback loop.
training and deep understanding of the audience locales results in very engaging customer experiences to the callers through our secure & compliant call centers.

Service Desk

Our business process management service desk complies with ITIL4 best practices with a resilient service design catering to the ticket lifecycles, appropriate prioritizations of incidents & service requests, quick resolutions or workarounds, user profile based offerings and more. With a very conscious Shift Left approach the Service Desk efficiency increases through Analytics driven incident management.

Customer Intelligence

Real time analytics with data captured on a unified Cloud driven AI powered platform provides continuous insights to customer behavior derived from multiple channels & touchpoints and derive the analyzes critical NPS scores and SLA fulfillment parameters to help you make informed decisions to continuously restrategize and deliver the best.